Fitted Bathroom Furniture

At Plumb and Bath Store, we understand the importance of creating a bathroom that is both stylish and functional. That’s why we are proud to offer an extensive range of fitted bathroom furniture that not only enhances the look of your space but also maximizes storage and efficiency. Our collection includes the best in class ranges such as Bampton fitted furniture, Bladon fitted furniture, Taynton fitted furniture, and Wootton fitted furniture, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your bathroom.


Our Bampton fitted furniture range offers a sleek and modern design with clean lines and a high-quality finish. With a variety of storage options, including wall-mounted and floor-standing units, you can create a clutter-free and organized space that meets your needs and preferences.

The Bladon fitted furniture collection provides a timeless and elegant look, perfect for those who appreciate classic design. The range features various storage solutions, such as vanity units, tall cabinets, and mirror cabinets, to help you maintain a tidy and sophisticated bathroom environment.

For homeowners seeking a touch of luxury, our Taynton fitted furniture range is sure to impress. With its high-end materials and exquisite craftsmanship, this collection exudes opulence and refinement. Choose from a wide selection of storage options to create a bespoke, sumptuous bathroom space.

Last but not least, the Wootton fitted furniture range offers a versatile and contemporary solution for any bathroom. Its modular design allows you to mix and match various storage units to create a unique, customized look. Additionally, the collection’s wide range of finishes ensures that your bathroom remains stylish and cohesive.

No matter your taste or requirements, our selection of fitted bathroom furniture ranges has something to suit every home. Browse our collection today at Plumb and Bath Store and transform your bathroom into a functional and attractive space you’ll love to spend time in.


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